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[1.0.8e][8WR] Discord Integration


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Bonjour ,​

XenForo : Ici

Download : Ici

Description :
  • Allows for XenForo user groups to be synced with Discord server roles. Essentially this allows you to automate the giving and removing of Discord server roles based on the groups that a XenForo user is part of. Users can associate their Discord identities with their XenForo usernames to establish a sync.
  • Manage your Discord instance from the ACP.
  • Allow your users to register and sign up via Discord.
  • Send alerts to connected users and channels via the ACP.
  • Automatically post links to threads from XenForo forums to defined Discord channels as soon as their posted. The user who posted the thread, the thread title and a link to the thread are included in the message.
  • Allow staff members with permission to 'promote' links to threads to Discord channels.
  • Allow users to receive watch notifications from forums and threads they specify (in addition to emails and alerts). They will receive these notifications privately from your configured bot. There are plans for future expansion with 1-to-1 communication with the bot.
  • Widgets for the Widget Framework. These are still a work in progress and your input is encouraged.
  1. Extract the contents of the .zip file provided upon successful purchase.
  2. Upload the contents of the 'upload' folder to your root XenForo directory.
  3. Install the provided .xml file through the XenForo Admin Control Panel.
  4. Create a Discord Web API application by going here.
    1. Set your App Name to what you want your bot to be called. You may optionally set a description and icon for your bot.
    2. Ensure you have a Redirect URL set in the form of your board URL followed by discord.php. So for example,
      If you're using friendly URLs you'll need to use something similar to:
    3. Click 'Create App' and your application will have now been created. You'll now see a new option that says 'Create a Bot User'. Click this and accept the warning. Ensure 'Public Bot' and 'Require OAuth2 Code Grant' are unchecked.
  5. Once you have created your Discord Web API application, it's time to copy the values for 'Client ID', 'Client Secret' and 'Token' to the Discord options area under the 'NixFifty: Discord Integration Options' group in the XenForo Admin Control Panel.
  6. You'll also need your Discord Server / Guild ID which can be obtained by following the steps listed here.
  7. Once you've done this, be sure to use the 'Test Discord Integration' to make sure everything is dandy and you're good to go!

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Le lien a expiré .... , si tu pouvais le mettre d'actualité ce serait sympathique :)